In an attempt to help busy pet owner keep their pets                                      looking and feeling great, Go Dogs Go! Mobile                     Grooming offers a pet grooming service
                      that comes to you door step.

                          The Go Dogs Go! Mobile Grooming van is a fully                              self-contained pet grooming salon equiped with
        todays technological advances to provide complete
        grooming service for your pet.

                    Convenience                                      Quality
                 Peace of Mind

Why Mobile Grooming?

Benefits for you:

     *    No drop off or pick up
     *    Service comes to you/saves time
     *    No waiting in the lobby
     *    Direct communication with your
            grooming stylist
     *    No need to stay home
         -  You can make arrangements to                      have your pet groomed and you                      don't need to be home.

Benefits for  your pet:

     *    No car sickess
     *    No separation anxiety
     *    No cages
     *    No waiting
     *    One on one pet care
     *    Perfect for senior pets
     *    No exposure to other pets,                         diseases, parasites or bad behavior.